About us

Living in Australia you learn not to take yourself to seriously. We like to have a bit of fun, but we are dead serious about our filters.


"Origin Story"

We are a small group of inventors, engineers and craftsmen with a passion for quality and durability. We also love to go walkabout (hence the name). We love being out in the bush, camping, fishing, biking, or exploring, both at home in Australia and abroad. Between us we have lived and worked in eight countries and have gone walkabout in many more. We have been working together for over 15 years and have developed some of the most innovative industrial filtration membrane in the world, including world’s only small bore industrial titanium membrane.

When we are not out and about we like to get together for a beverage and a chat after work on a Friday afternoon. One Friday some years ago the topic turned to something that afflicts up to 50% of those who travel overseas. Montezuma’s revenge, Delhi Belly, the runs–call it what you like (and we have some fairly rude phrases for it), it mostly comes from drinking unsanitary water.

Keeping in mind that travelers and bushwalkers like to keep their packs light and their bums tight, and knowing the limits of other filtration technologies and the many advantages of the Titanium membrane that we had developed for industry, we decided that we could make the membrane even smaller for personal use.

The result is the Walkabout Ti line of personal water filters.

Our Filters


• A rugged Titanium Case surrounds an all-Titanium filtration core – The actual filter is Titanium!
• 0.2 micron absolute filtration
• Two filtration stages for longer running
• an additional carbon stage on family-sized filter
• Integrity indicator prevents contaminated water from getting through the filter if a seal leaks


• Easy to use
• Takes a beating and keeps on filtering
• You know that it is really working
• Can be boiled to clean and sanitize,
• Can be allowed to freeze,
• Can be cleaned aggressively,
• And it won't fail!
• Dishwasher-safe

Walkabout Ti

• Larger three-stage filter for family or group use
• 16 ounces/455 grams
• 1 1/2” by 10”/ 38 by 250 mm
• 5 liters per minute
• Comes with backflush plunger, two hydration bladders, hose adaptors, hose, two spare activated carbon inserts and spare O-rings

Walkabout Ti Ultralight
• Lightweight two-stage filter for single-person use
• 5 ounces/135 grams
• 1” by 6”/ 25 by 160 mm
• 1 liter per minute
• Comes with backflush plunger, squeeze water bag, hose adaptors and spare O-rings

We are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign for these filters. Sign up below to stay informed.

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